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Inspirational Articles


Part 4 Tommy Tush Changing an already rehearsed song at The Last Minute. In my opinion and assessment choosing the song to sing is one of the least jobs a choir director does. Don't get me wrong. Its a very sensitive and highly important task that must be taken with a high level of professionalism and sacredness but its not on top of the list of things to do. If all you know and get busy with is listening to music and choosing songs, you may not still have the...
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Moving towards a sustainable Talent Economy

The world is blessed with a lot of natural and human resources that God has given us to utilize for the betterment of our environment, economic, political and social life. Sustainability means when something keep happening. So we want a situation where everything the nation have is translated into sustainable growth and development. That's is why Development partners must work in one vision, goal and mind to transform the world to become a better place to live Talent Economy is a free zone economy whereby people utilize their God-given talents...
Inspirational Articles

Bookbub: Download E-books without spending a dime

Your success may rest in a book. Why are you stressing yourself moving to and fro. Take a look at these inspiring E-books that will change every area of your life. More info:
Inspirational Articles

The God of increase is our portion

Happy new week and welcome to the last Sunday in January 2019. Let’s appreciate God for life.  Only the living can praise the Lord. Today, we are looking at the God of increase and its impact on our lives. When something increases, in layman’s language, it simply means that it has moved to another level. A simple dictionary meaning describes increase as  “ becoming bigger or greater in amount”.  An increase comes with joy.  For instance if a man   begins a business in a single room and suddenly people   begin...
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